Tampa Bay Sports Second | Opening Day

Hey there Sports Fans! In the inaugural episode we wrap up the MLB season along with departures, possible off-season acquisitions. We also get you ready for Sunday and take a tiny peek in on the pride of Tampa Bay Sports, the Tampa Bay Lightning.





  1. Jason Lind

    Nice job Roy, especially on the cherry pie and your theme song…its real catchy. I appreciate all of your analysis on MLB and NFL, even if the Bucks are wurtless. However, I have to admit that I am a bit dismayed, especially coming from a New England boy, about you skipping over the jewel of Tampa Bay sports; our Tampa Bay Lightning, who seem to be putting the pieces together for a promising season. All this despite the exodus of a few iconic players last season. I guess it goes to show that Yzerman is in control. Anyway, I like your show, but would like to request additional focus on some good old Southern Hockey.

    • Royston Sabean

      Hey Jason, apologies for not showcasing the only Tampa Bay team that gives hope to the areas sports fans year in and year out. I’m planning something for them in the upcoming weeks. Hopefully you’ll stick around to hear about it. As for the NFL, at this point it is tough to actually root for those “wurtless” Bucs, but how’re you feeling about them Vikings? You think they got a chance in that up for grabs NFC North?

  2. Jason lind

    Nice to hear you will follow with some ‘Ning sports reports!
    The ViQueens? No I’m not bracing myself for anything but dissapointment.

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