Retro Video Games and Consoles M&M Video Games in Largo

So let me tell you about YET ANOTHER awesome video game shop in Tampa Bay. Actually, there aren’t that many so, let me tell you about one of the FEW–so far–that I know of.

There are apparently three M&M Video Game stores: in Clearwater, Largo & St. Pete, but I’ve only been to the one in Largo. Based on their Facebook page, the Clearwater location seems to be their main store, but they all look pretty much the same.

They have a ton of retro games here and multiple copies of almost all of them. And that holds true for the newer consoles as well as the older ones. Just a ton of games. Also a lot of consoles and accessories from all the eras. There’s a fair amount of boxed games and consoles. You know, the cool older stuff that matters. Obviously no one cares about a Wii console or Xbox game in the original packaging.

They buy & trade games. They seem to encourage trade over buy by offering 20% extra in store credit for the trades. I couldn’t tell you how well they pay for games since I haven’t sold or traded games in years. I just horde them now.

They also do console repairs here, which is a good addition when you’re selling retro games. And they host gaming events around the area, like Smash Bros tournaments and even retro game tournaments.

The day I went they had two younger guys working the store, and based on the interactions I observed I imagine this is the kind of place where people can hang out and talk about Call of Duty and whatever else the young males are playing these days.

I wish Tampa Bay were full of shops like M&M Video Game, but sadly, it’s not. So we should support the few that we do have by buying lots of awesome retro games that are way cooler than new games.

M&M Video Games is located at 13355 S Belcher Road in Largo.
Open Monday through Saturday 10am-8pm, and Sunday 10pm-6pm.

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