Black Friday in Tampa Bay: Comic Book Shop Sales

The holidays are fast approaching and many of us have very special people in our lives who would love to receive comic book related presents (ourselves).  To help you in your endeavor to have all the things, I’ve compiled a list of the Black Friday sales going on at comic book shops in the Tampa Bay area. Not every shop has divulged their secrets yet, so I will add new sales to the list as they are discovered. Keep checking back before the big day. I’m sure the stores that wait ’til the last minute to figure out what they’re doing will have the best sales… like, “Oh shit, it’s Friday, 90% off everything!”

Read More Comics

115 E Brandon Blvd, Brandon, FL

Friday, 5AM-8AM: 50% off comics and graphic novels and 35% off toys and statues
Friday, 8AM-11AM: 35% comics and graphic novels and 20% off toys and statues

They say the first customer for their 2013 Black Friday sale showed up at 12AM. Not surprising. Read More Comics is a very popular store and 50% is a lot.

Emerald City

4902 113th Ave N, Clearwater, FL

Friday: 25% off everything (except new comics).
Saturday: 20% off toys and statues.
Sunday: 20% off games.
Monday: 20% off books.
All weekend: 20% off back issues and vintage back issues.

This is a big weekend event. They’re going to be doing raffles and give-aways (if you like Big Hero 6, Spider-Woman & Captain America). Also, a live podcast of the Eric & The Legion on Saturday at 5PM.

Heroes’ Haven Comics

4339 Gunn Hwy, Tampa FL

Friday, 7AM: $1 back issues, Buy one get one free on prints, posters and action fingers, buy one get one 1/2 off on graphic novels and comic sets, also on CGC comics, statues, art, Silver Age comics and 1st appearance comics. 25% off everything else, including subscriptions.
They’re going to be giving door buster tickets for some statues and a Batman Death of the Family book & mask set. All 3D and 2D covers for DC’s Futures End will be buy one get one free.

This is a pretty complicated sale. Except $1 back issues. That’s always nice and simple.

Culture & Thrills Collectables / DTA Collectables

5205 N Florida Ave, Tampa, FL

Friday & Saturday: 50% off toys, statues and busts. 25% off back issues.

50% is a lot. Especially for statues and busts.

Comic World

1901 West Bay Drive, Largo

Black Wednesday: Spin a wheel, win up to 75% off your entire purchase.
Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 50% off your entire purchase (does not include pull service, new releases, or consignments).

Black Wednesday is a really good idea. Why is this not a thing?

The Comics Club, Inc.

714 W Lumsden Rd, Brandon, FL

Friday 12pm-8pm & Saturday 12pm-7pm: 15% off toys, statues, wall books, comic supplies and games. 20%-40% off role playing games. Buy 2 get 1 free on standard back issues, graphic novels, and trade paperbacks.


Big Redhead Comics

8400 Jackson Springs Rd, Tampa FL

Friday-Sunday (ONLINE ONLY): 50% off ungraded comics. 20% off toys and collectibles. 10% off transformers. $10 off CGC comics over $50. $100 off CGC graded comics over $1000. Free shipping on orders of $200 or more.

$1000 comics. Good lord. Store’s not open to the public on Friday, except by appointment.

The Comic Shack

5602 14th St W, Bradenton, FL

Friday, 8AM: 25% off action figures. 50% off shirts. 50% off graphic novels. 10% off board games. 10% off RPG books. Buy one get one free on Near Spotlight. Buy one get one free on Doctor Who items. 10% off purchases of $200 or more.

This is a pretty standard sale. I don’t know why Doctor Who is getting special treatment. They must have a lot of Doctor Who stuff that they don’t want.

Green Shift Music & Comics

5226 N Nebraska Ave, Tampa FL

Friday, 10AM: $1 back issues (10% off when you buy 100) 30% off statues, figures & toys. 20% off supplies, t-shirts & new comics.

The $1 back issue sale is going on until January 1st.

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