Fast Food Gyros and Wings at Salem’s Gyros and Subs


salem's gyros and subs

Salem’s Gyros and Subs (this one is on Fletcher and 23rd Street) is a small chain localized around Tampa Bay that sells gyros. And subs. Yeah, they were serious about that. They also sell wings and burgers and other fried delights. They typically have a drive through, which makes it really convenient when you want to pick up something normal fast food places don’t usually sell when you’re on the go, like a gyro or wings, but their food doesn’t suffer for it. Now, I’m not going to claim they make the best food of all time, and I haven’t really tried much of their stuff, but that is because when I go there, I go for the gyro.

#4 combo: gyro fries and drinki’m well aware that this looks gross. you have to look past the disgusting…

Specifically, I get the #4 combo, which is a gyro, fries, and a drink. It comes out to about 9 dollars, which is a bit pricier than I remember, and than I’d like to pay, but they do make a pretty great gyro, so it’s worth it. The meat is delicious, extremely well seasoned and plentiful. In fact, they pack more meat on these things than is necessary. And that’s awesome. They come with onions and tomatoes, and of course are slathered with tzatziki sauce. It’s amazing as is, but every time I go, I order a side of wing sauce (not hot sauce… their “hot sauce” is packets of that crappy Chinese hot sauce), throw that on top of the gyro… and I basically go into a pleasure coma.

The fries… they are forgettable. I have had their wings, but actually don’t remember how they are. But the GYROS!!

This is pretty much my current favorite gyro in Tampa. I should probably try more. I remember a good place on Kennedy that I should try again [Editor’s note: since the writing of this article, that place too has become a Salem’s]. But if you have a Salem’s in your area, go there and get a gyro. They’re quick and they’re open late. You’ll enjoy it.


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