lookit dat phat-ass sangwich

Meaty Meat Sandwiches at Ronnie Pastrami’s Deli in Pinellas Park

The meat sweats are a real thing. True life shit. It’s scary, I know… but that’s the price we humans pay for gorging on the flesh of our felled enemies. The price of ultimate superiority. Our greatest hunters learned to relish the sweats… that salty taste of victory. Of knowing you’ll live to hunt again. O! To live for the hunt! To live for that taste of dominance, to the point of feverish excess!

Live once again, as our ancestors before us. Taste the salty euphoria of conquest in every bite of Ronnie Pastrami’s sandwiches!

Ronnie Pastrami’s Deli is a little shop bringing Pinellas Park sandwiches piled high with exceptional deli meats and cheeses. This is the kind of place where the first thing you order will end up being the same thing you order time after time, because there’s nothing quite like your first love. My first love was Ronnie’s Pastrami Special –  a triple-decker corned beef and pastrami sandwich.

A corned beef and pastrami sandwich… perhaps the best sandwich? It’s the perfect combination of meats. Brothers. Evil twins, where both twin is the evil one. And Ronnie does both meats complete justice, bringing hot, smokey pastrami together with warm, salty corned beef. Thin slices of tender meat, densely packed in between three slices of your choice of bread (marbled rye, obviously), topped with deli-quality Swiss cheese and deli mustard. I forgo the lettuce and tomato, because let’s be honest: this is all about the meat. And they pack enough onto your gargantuan sandwich to push you to meat sweat territory, if you’re feeling like a true warrior.

I always wind up getting a side of their homemade potato salad with my sandwiches (they usually serve a couple varieties of potato salad), but they are nothing especially notable, and I typically finish them off quickly while waiting for my sandwich to be delivered. All I care about is the meat. MEAT.

Ronnie Pastrami’s is the perfect lunch spot, with a friendly staff, a clean, comfortable atmosphere including a strange puppet show stand like something you’d see in a kindergarten classroom, and of course incredible sandwiches boasting some of the best deli meat I’ve ever had. Always worth the visit.

Ronnie Pastrami’s Deli is located at 10361 66th St N, Pinellas Park.
Open Monday and Tuesday from 9am-3pm, Wednesday through Friday from 9am-6pm, and Saturday from 11am-3pm. Closed Sundays.