Drink Tampa Bay | Red Ale and Gose Beers from Angry Chair Brewing in Seminole Heights

Independent craft breweries in Florida are being threatened by retail and distributor groups, which could result in the end of beers like the ones you’re about to read about.

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Drink Tampa Bay is an ongoing series chronicling locally made beer and wine.

This week we got sloshed on the Red Ale and the Gose beers brewed by Angry Chair Brewing in Seminole Heights.

Red Ale – 5.8%

Rusty: I’m gonna take a sniff… (sniffs) okay, it’s a little hoppy sniff, a hop sniff. Which I’m okay with. And the color is-

Roy: It’s a very dark red.

Rusty: A dark, brownish red. A bread. And it had a floofy head.

Roy: A nice little floofy head.

Rusty: (Drinks) Wow, it’s a lot more smooth than you’d expect from the scent. So you’ve got, on the aftertaste, you still have the hops kind of playing, but it’s super smooth – there’s no bite to it.

Roy: It’s got the up front, almost like it’s gonna be an IPA, but it just kind of lingers, and slowly goes away. It doesn’t have that same bite at the end like an IPA would.

Rusty: This is good. It’s extremely drinkable. And it’s got all the flavor that you kind of want from the heavier stuff. It’s not really sweet, not really bitter, it’s kind of middle-of-the-road, it doesn’t really tug you in one direction or the other.

Roy: It’s a nice beverage.

Rusty: I really like this! I would definitely get it again. No doubt about it. It’s a good beer.

Roy: It’s good! I like it.

Gose (Sour Ale) – 5.4%

Rusty: Goze. Gotse. You should Google that. Welcome to the internet.

Roy: It’s a sour wheat. (Smells) I’m getting a sour, almost apple-

Rusty: It does almost smell like a cider. I’m excited about this.

Roy: (Drinks) For a beer… it’s very sour. It doesn’t stick around long. It’s a very quick sour. And not lemon head, where your face is looking stupid.

Rusty: That’s good. It doesn’t taste like much of a beer. There’s a weird after taste I’m getting… like a cereal almost. I think it’s oats… I might be getting some of that in there. The aftertaste, it’s a kind of flat… underneath everything. But the primary taste you’re getting here-

Roy: It is a bitter apple. I don’t know if there’s any of that in there…

Rusty: It’s good. It’s really good. I don’t feel grossed out, it’s not too sour.

Roy: When I first had it, I was like “oh shit”-

Rusty: He literally shit his pants.

Roy: It’s good. I know it said sour, but I wasn’t expecting… for me, it would be a little too much. But they do offer 5oz, 12oz, 16oz, and growlers. I haven’t seen this anywhere, except if I’m at ABC buying a six-pack or something.

Rusty: It’s very interesting. It is almost like a cider. It’s very close. It’s a little weightier.

Roy: It looks like a cider. It’s clear, there wasn’t much of a head to it.

Rusty: It drinks pretty much like a cider. It’s refreshing. But it’s not super sweet like a cider is.

Roy: There’s a little up front mixed in there. But it’s mostly tart. It’s good though.

Rusty: Both these beers, to me… I think that they’re both very solid. I feel like they’re both really well made. I would order both of these again (depending on my mood).

Roy: If you came back here, you were like “I don’t feel adventurous, I don’t feel like trying something new.”

Rusty: I wouldn’t have any problem ordering one of these. Now I wouldn’t say I found “my beer” here, neither of these are singing to me, but…

Roy: It seems like they have a pretty solid brewery here.

Rusty: For these beers, if you had to choose one, which would you go with?

Roy: I’d go with the Red Ale.

Rusty: I think I probably would as well. The Gose is definitely a mood beer. You have to be ready for it.

Roy: It’s good. There’s nothing wrong with it. But it is sour.

Rusty: It’s similar to drinking a cider in that. The Red Ale is a lot more, you could casually, whenever you want… and you get the benefit of having that hoppy flavor without having to fight the IPA with every sip. It’s a good beer. They’re both solid beers. I would take both any day of the week, but if I had to choose, I’d go with the red.

Roy: Me as well.

Rusty: I think I probably would as well. The Gose is definitely a mood beer. You have to be ready for it.

The Red Ale and the Gose beer are available from Angry Chair Brewing.

Listen to the full discussion here:


Angry Chair Brewing is located at 6401 N Florida Ave in Seminole Heights.
Open Tuesday through Thursday 4pm-Close, Friday and Saturday 4pm-12am, and Sunday 12pm-9pm. Closed Mondays.

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