Drink Tampa Bay | Horchata Spiced Stout, Roggen Roggenbier, and CBGB Berliner Weisse from Six Ten Brewing in Tampa

Drink Tampa Bay is an ongoing series chronicling locally made beer and wine.

This week we got tofu’d on the Horchata Spiced Stout, the Roggen Roggenbier, and the CBGB Florida/Berliner Weisse beers brewed by Six Ten Brewing in Tampa (along with the Boulder Beer’s Shake Chocolate Porter).

Horchata Spiced Stout – 7%

Roy: It’s a stout… it’s based on the rice drink. (Smells) Oh that’s a stout… that’s a motor oil.

Rusty: Very foamy. Very foamy.

Roy: (Drinks) …I don’t taste horchata.

Rusty: (Drinks) No, me neither.

Roy: You’ve had a horchata, right?

Rusty: I had a horchata just the other day.

Roy: If someone gave this to you, and they said “taste this”, would you say… “Is this inspired by the South American beverage??”

Rusty: I would never say… I would never… no, not at all. I’d be pissed. This is actually very good though. It’s really uh… drinkable.

Roy: “I am drinking it.” It tastes like a stout, really. I don’t get the cinnamon.

Rusty: If you let it sit around for a while, and you smack your gab… maybe there’s a bit of vanilla in there? It’s got a bit of a sourness to it? I dunno. I’m not getting horchata… I would never guess it. It’s not bad, but if you go in expecting a horchata, you’re going to be disappointed.

Roy: No, it’s good… it’s the name that throws me off.

Roggen Roggenbier – 4.5%

Rusty: It’s a Groggenbier… make sure you’ve got that “G” on there, or else you’ll look like an asshole.

Roy: It’s a silent “G”… it’s so silent they don’t even put it in there. (Sniffs) What’s that, banana? Is that Danimals?

Rusty: (Smells) Yeah, you can smell the banana a little bit. This is brownish… a little brown. It’s got a brown color; it smells like a banana. They actually serve it with a banana floating in it, which is very peculiar.

Roy: (Drinks) That’s banana!

Rusty: Son of a bitch. I hate banana. (Sips) Wow! That’s not bad, actually.

Roy: Sweetness.

Rusty: It’s fruity! I mean, you can see it’s banana, but it’s not… uh… so if you cut a banana in half, and you took the elements that make up a banana bread… what you’d have leftover goes in to make this beer. It’s like a light fruitiness.

Roy: The nectar. They do have a banana nectar.

Rusty: They milk it?

Roy: Maybe you just put it in like a cheese cloth and mush it.

Rusty: Actually, this is not bad. I feel like it has the exact opposite banana elements from what you would find in a banana bread.

Roy: That’s good! I like it.

Rusty: They’re both very drinkable. They’re not bitter to the point where you’re like “I don’t want to drink this”, you can’t taste any of the alcohol or anything…

Roy: I think that one, the horchata, the name is throwing me off.

Rusty: If they hadn’t named it that, I think I would appreciate it a lot more. It’s a good beer.

Roy: Yeah. Did you get a spiciness from it?

Rusty: …Not really. I mean, there’s a bit of like… I guess complexity in the second half of the sip, but I wouldn’t say “spiced”. I feel like if you’re going to say spiced, it’s going to be heavily spiced… you’re gonna have flavors. This is wrapped up in a neat little package, but it doesn’t say anything…

Roy: It doesn’t say spiced, or horchata.

Rusty: It doesn’t have a nice vanilla, or a nice cinnamon… they could have gone in one direction or the other, and I would have appreciated that more, I think. If they had focused on either one or the other, I would have been more inclined to say it tastes like a horchata. But it’s not bad. They’re both good beers. But the Roggen is a solid beer. I would order that again.

Roy: “Get me the Groggen!”

Boulder Beer Shake Chocolate Porter – 5.9%

Roy: (Sniffs it) That smells just like a little chocolate shake… maybe even a cake.

Rusty: (Smells) It does smell chocolatey.

Roy: (Drinks) You just taste chocolate. Chocolate, then bitter.

Rusty: (Sips) There’s no carbonation, it’s just like water. The aftertaste is like you just drank a milk shake.

Roy: I couldn’t have too much of it though… this is probably the perfect size (4oz).

Rusty: That’s an interesting beer. They named it right.

Roy: Nice and chocolatey. Bitterness at the end.

Rusty: I think my only qualm with it… the lack of carbonation throws it off a bit. Other than that, it’s a very good flavor.

CBGB Florida / Berliner Weisse – 5.4%

Rusty: (Smelling) It’s got a bit of a pulpy, pithy almost smell to it. It’s yellow… it looks like a grapefruit in this glass. (Sips) Ooh! That’s tart… it’s very light, sweet and fruity.

Roy: (Drinking) Good carbonation to it too.

Rusty: It’s got a good sourness, very doable sourness.

Roy: Especially after you’ve had a sip, and it kind of settles in, the next sip you kind of get more of the flavor.

Rusty: That’s good. That’s very good.

The Horchata Spiced Stout, the Roggen roggenbier, and the CBGB Florida / Berliner Weisse beers are available from Six Ten Brewing.

Listen to the full discussion here:


Six Ten Brewing is located at 7052 Benjamin Road in Tampa.
Open Wednesday and Thursday 3pm-9pm, Friday 3pm-11pm, Saturday 12pm-11pm, and Sunday 12pm-7pm. Closed Mondays and Tuesdays.

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