Drink Tampa Bay | Fragmented Porter and Black Veil IPA at Southern Brewing & Winemaking in Seminole Heights

Drink Tampa Bay is an ongoing series chronicling locally made beer and wine.

This week we tried the Fragmented Porter and the Black Veil IPA brewed by Southern Brewing & Winemaking.

Black Veil IPA – 8.2%

Rusty: Smells like beer… slightly.. almost like it’s fruity? I can’t tell. And it tastes like… it tastes like bitter. It tastes like dog. It tastes like a dog. I thought it smelled a little fruity… but I think it’s a floral nose.

Roy: It does, actually. Not like a sweet flower… I dunno.

Rusty: It doesn’t taste like it smells, though. That’s the real trick.

Roy: Not too bitter. Some nice hops to it. Not as bitter as most IPAs. It’s not bad.

Rusty: It plays in the back of my mouth. Like a couple school children, prancing around. Playing tag. It’s not bad. Sour. There’s something a little sweet to the scent. It’s definitely a sweet scent.

Fragmented Porter – 6.3%

Roy: Nice uh… coffee. That’s the thing about Porters – you could say the same thing about all of them. That’s smooth. Chocolate coffee.

Rusty: That’s really good. It tastes like a chocolate coffee.

Roy: Like you got yourself a Dunkaccino.

Rusty: Mmm. That’s really drinkable. That’s super smooth. That’s really good. It’s in no way offensive. I think a non-beer drinker could drink that. Just havin’ a drink. In the after taste you do get that kind of a cocoa bean…

Roy: Roasted cocoa beans.

Rusty: Roasted.

Rusty: You can’t compare the two. Obviously. Like one you drink and you’re like, “I’m having a pleasant day.” And the other you drink and you’re like, “WHAT’S HAPPENING TO ME??”

Roy: “Jesus Christ what have I done to deserve this?” You look at the IPA – it’s got some legs. Obviously the Porter’s a lot thicker. Drinkability between the two, it’s obviously going to be the smoother Porter rather than the IPA.

Rusty: They’re both drinkable. I could drink the Fragmented Porter casually, all day every day, even though you’d probably die. They’re both very good. They’re well made beers. If I were going to choose one to drink, I would go with the Porter. I would get that again, definitely. This [the IPA], if I were in the mood for it – I’m not offended by it or anything – I’d probably try another IPA. It doesn’t do anything special for me. But the Porter is really solid, I think. Really smooth.

Roy: A nice caramel head color. I like those caramel heads.

Rusty: Very floofy. Floofy head.

Roy: Floofy – that’s a technical term.

The Black Veil IPA is available for a limited time, and the Fragmented Porter is a “core beer,” and should be in regular availability.

Listen to the full discussion here:


Southern Brewing & Winemaking is located at 4500 N Nebraska Avenue in Seminole Heights.
Open Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday 11am-7pm, and Thursday-Saturday 11am-11pm. Closed Mondays.

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