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So on the topic of sexual encounter that are perhaps embarrassing. My husband Ronald refuses to have intercourse unless I dress up in a pink bunny suit I got for Easter one year. Should I just keep doing it for him? Or should we get counseling? I feel like it is becoming an issue and it makes me rather uncomfortable. Hope you can give me advice on this and if you can thank you so much it is definitely needed.


Margeaux Says: I hate to be the one to break this to you, but I feel it is my duty to inform you that you have unwittingly become a furry. If it makes you feel any better, you and your husband are not alone. Furries are everywhere you want to be! They’ve been featured in Vanity Fair, they have their own special conventions, and 30 Rock alluded to their existence on multiple occasions (they were called “plushies” though.) Anyway, that’s enough rabbiting on about furries… get it? RABBIT-ing on!

While, I normally like to reserve judgement of other people’s sexual leanings— different strokes for different folks and all that—I totally understand your discomfort. A woman shouldn’t have to dress up as a pink, anthropomorphized mammal to please her husband unless she’s into it . I also think there’s something wrong with sexualizing this planet’s cutest creature, but I don’t want to make this too political. If you’ve already mentioned to your husband that the bunny thing creeps you out and his response was to close up shop, he’s being a huge dickhead and couples counseling might be a good option. You could also suggest taking turns wearing the proverbial bunny suit. A few times a week you agree to wear the bunny suit if he agrees to do it your way the other times.


Rion Says: Well, Bunny Suit, this is a toughie. Sex fetishes can always be a touchy topic between couples, but the fact that he refuses to have straight up, oldskool, vanilla sex with you seems to be the real issue. I mean, who hasn’t donned a bunny suit at some point or another, right? RIGHT??? Seems to me, you need to confront him about it, and tell him how it makes you feel, BUT really get to the heart of his attachment. Why all the time? Why at all? Is he sexually attracted to bunnies? Fur? Pink? Easter? Once you find out the root, then you can really start a dialogue about what each of you wants sexually. If all else fails, try having him dress as Elmer Fudd.


Roy Says: Okay, not sure how long you’ve been together, but I feel like this should’ve come up at some point before the wedding. There’s no way this guy all of the sudden decided he was into rabbit suits. You don’t go to bed one night wake up the next day and go “I can’t come unless there is a rabbit suit involved.” Honestly, if it’s starting to bother you, something needs to be done about it. You can’t go through your life trying to make other people happy when what you’re doing makes you uncomfortable. Some people dress up as animals because they feel as though they are not meant to be humans and are more at home acting like an animal. Now someone that has to have someone dress up like an animal so that they can come, that’s a different story and truthfully above my pay grade. You’ll probably need some professional help.


Rusty Says: Alright, let me start this by asking YOU a question… just what the hell is wrong with you? How Ronald has put up with you this long, I don’t know. You say he refuses to have intercourse unless you’re wearing a pink bunny suit, implying there are times at which you are not wearing a pink bunny suit. Why would you do this to Ronald? Why would you do this to yourself? What kind of a career do you expect to have that would not necessitate a pink bunny suit? What kind of day-to-day activities do you engage in that you would do without the pink bunny suit? Just what kind of a life are you living here?? My advice? If you want to be respected as an adult, and want to be successful in life by any stretch of the imagination, for the love of god, wear a pink bunny suit. It is every American citizen’s duty to wear a pink bunny suit, and if you don’t understand that, then – I’m sorry – your husband Ronald deserves better.


Nicole Says: Uhhh… I mean… if you’re not a furry, you’re not a furry.


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