Scott & Patti Cross the Bridge to Stageworks Theatre

Almost a year to the date of their summer 2013 debut, Scott & Patti bring their magical musical to Stageworks Theatre for a two night only affair. A mother-son duo, “The Scott & Patti Show” puts on a glitzy stage show inspired by the likes of The Judds (with more sequins), dowsed in the catty banter stylings of Joan and Melissa Rivers. Think a booze soaked Vegas show (with audience participation), a touch of Vicodin, closeted homosexuality, and bigger hair.

The brainchild of Matthew McGee and Scott Daniel, the show was invented after the two had signed up to do a two-man cabaret at freeFall Theatre. “When putting the show together (as two men) we found the show incredibly gay! And not in a good way.” McGee recalls. They had joked of making it a sister act, but the two hoped to find different benefits through their performances; Daniel wanting to prove himself as a legitimate male singer, and McGee wanting to expand his drag act. And so, according to McGee, “Tampa’ s ONLY mother/son cabaret act was born.”

The two mainly share the stage on their musical numbers, but also allow for solo moments. Patti (Matthew McGee) takes on “Goldfinger”, which comes to a comedic, half-bored ending brought on by the repetitive belting of the title. Scott (Scott Daniel) makes the audience swoon to his rendition of “I Honestly Love You”, hitting each note just right that you’d have to be a cold-hearted bitch (me) not to at least silently weep to yourself. And if you do visibly tear up, it’s okay, you can blame it on the hairspray fumes.

Never missing a beat, the show paces through Cher, Captain and Tenille, Elton John, & Gloria Gaynor (with many others). Between songs, they chat amongst themselves through giant, cheesy grins, and in sappy sweet tones fit for the Delilah Radio Show. Patti reminisces about her lavish showgirl past, and Scott tries to break it to mommy that he’s over it and starting his own one-man show. The two fit together in what can only be described as harmonic disharmony.

Scott & Patti are naturals on stage, even when they’re tripping over a few scripted lines, or choreography. They make the moments work to their advantage, and it only adds to the comedy of their act. Even if these bumps are in fact scripted, they don’t feel it. Before you know it, you’re in love with the two of them, and feel a part of their dysfunctional family, hoping to join them on tour.

McGee and Daniel both recently surpassed their Kickstarter goal, which they started in hopes of upping their game and bringing an all new, refreshed Scott & Patti to the Tampa Bay area. The coming months will surely prove just how well that money was spent.

“The Scott & Patti Show” can be found on Facebook, and runs August 15th & 16th at Stageworks Theatre, 1120 E. Kennedy Blvd., West Bldg., #151.
Tickets: $20. or (813)374-2416 for more info.