Photo Log: Lights on Tampa at Curtis Hixon Park in Downtown Tampa

Friday and Saturday night the Bay Area braved the cold to see downtown Tampa come alive with lights, music, food, and dance. Lights on Tampa, started in 2006 by the City of Tampa’s Art Programs Division, ran February 20th and 21st, from 6:30pm to 11pm. The theme of this year was about connection, and did so through several interactive and engaging installations throughout Curtis Hixon Park. Some projects will remain as permanent fixtures to Downtown’s urban landscape.

The projects seen at Lights on Tampa 2015:

River Glow” by Wannamacher Jenson Architects
HEARD – Tampa” by Nick Cave
Shadow Plays” by Nick Cave and Creative Movement Company
Recurrence” by Luftwerk
Sky Striker” by Freeman Co.
Up-Lit” Words by Silvia Curbelo
Urban Pixels” by Urban Conga

Lights-On-Tampa-Curtis-Hixon-2015-001 Lights-On-Tampa-Curtis-Hixon-2015-002 Lights-On-Tampa-Curtis-Hixon-2015-003 Lights-On-Tampa-Curtis-Hixon-2015-004 Lights-On-Tampa-Curtis-Hixon-2015-005 Lights-On-Tampa-Curtis-Hixon-2015-006 Lights-On-Tampa-Curtis-Hixon-2015-007 Lights-On-Tampa-Curtis-Hixon-2015-008 Lights-On-Tampa-Curtis-Hixon-2015-009 Lights-On-Tampa-Curtis-Hixon-2015-010 Lights-On-Tampa-Curtis-Hixon-2015-011 Lights-On-Tampa-Curtis-Hixon-2015-012 Lights-On-Tampa-Curtis-Hixon-2015-013 Lights-On-Tampa-Curtis-Hixon-2015-014


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