Photo Log: First Fridays Seminole Heights

(Almost) every first Friday of the month, the businesses and galleries of Seminole Heights open their doors from 7pm to 10pm, serving up art, conversation, food, and alcohol; and this past Friday bore witness to 2015’s first First Friday. It’s an event that delivers as promised, and inevitably ends with more shenanigans at Mermaid Tavern. So, if you’re starving for noshes, culture, or just attention, this is the place to be. Welcome to First Fridays Seminole Heights.

This First Fridays Seminole Heights featured:
All Things Red – Susan Gott & Phoenix Studio Artisans at Phoenix Glass
Grand OpeningRegina As The Photographer, Tufted Vintage Rentals, Florist Fire, & Ashley Hamon Photography at Vintage Heights Studio
QUAIDIDGAFNeil Bender, Georgia Hourdas, Christina Humphreys, Justin Nelson, Sam Newton, Lauren Moradi, Anthony Record, & Chase Sherman at QUAID Gallery
Slacktide – Matthew Squires & Chris Kelly at Tempus Projects
Cacti Culture – Vintage, Recycled, & Hand-Crafted Designed Clothing at Frolic Exchange
First Fridays Open House - Mid Century & Contemporary Modern Art at A Modern Line
Room of Secondary LightRobert Wegmann at Hatchway Gallery at Florida Ave Brewing

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